In the following paragraphs, an experienced New York Social Security disability attorney looks at psychological issues in Social Security disability claims.

Every Case Is Unique

Social Security disability cases that center solely on mental limitations bear little resemblance to the cases normally covered in web pages such as this one, so preparation for testimony in such a case is not the focus here. You and your New York Social Security disability law firm attorney will thoroughly review all of the aspects of your condition as your case is prepared.

Psychological And Physiological Together

A case in which mental issues are compounded by physical limitations also requires specific consultation between you and your New York Social Security disability law firm attorney. Physical pain, especially when it is severe or prolonged, frequently triggers emotional pain that can be every bit as severe and prolonged. All too often, however, claimants shrink from acknowledging mental trauma in the mistaken fear that their sanity will come into question. This fear must be set aside. There are many ways to hurt, and all of them must be treated before healing becomes possible.

We Are All Human

Even the best of us can succumb to mental stress and its impact on one’s ability to function in a working environment. You should not allow a mistaken sense of self-consciousness or the “tough it out” mindset to prevent you from noting and discussing your symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the following, let your attorney know.

• Memory lapses.
• Lack of mental focus.
• Periods of tears or unexplained anger.
• Self-imposed seclusion or loss of social compatibility.
• Anxious feelings.
• Feelings of depression or nervous irritation.

Seek A Qualified New York Social Security Disability Attorney

With the support, advice and assistance of your New York Social Security disability attorney, you can find the help you need as you progress through your case. Contact Hermann Law Group, PLLC at 1-877-773-3030 today.