A frequent question clients of a New York Social Security disability lawyer ask is how to avoid mistakes made by people trying to get benefits.

Two Mistakes Made By People Seeking Benefits

Often, clients who are denied benefits choose not to appeal the decision. This is a mistake because there is a chance that the benefits could be granted on appeal.
The second mistake is made when people who are seeking benefits don’t get the proper medical treatment. This is an error on two levels:
1) Those who have chronic medical issues need treatment more than most.2) The treatment will have records, and records provide key evidence in the case seeking Social Security disability benefits.

Why Not to Get the Records or Have the Doctor Write a Letter

The SSA with get the medical records together on their own, so it’s not necessary for a client to do that. As for the letter, it’s not an easy decision. Some people have won cases with the help of a doctor’s letter. One concern is that the doctor might unintentionally write something that could harm the case instead of helping it.

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