Everyone has a Social Security Number, but what do you really know about your number? New York Social Security disability attorneys explain why you need yours, when you need to provide it and when you don’t need to provide it.

Why Were Social Security Numbers Created?

The Social Security number (SSN) was initially created only to identify workers and to keep records on the taxes paid by each worker for Social Security. The Social Security Administration runs several programs for social welfare and social insurance, and you must have a SSN to receive benefits. These programs provide monthly payments to retired people. These payments are based on how much money the individual earned in their lifetime (and paid Social Security taxes in their lifetime) as well as the individual’s age upon retirement. There are also two health insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid.

Currently, your number is used to identify people for a number of reasons. New York Social Security disability attorneys know that the following entities will often request your SSN:

  • Insurance companies;
  • Employers;
  • Banks; and
  • Other financial institutions.

Insurance and medical companies now use SSN’s to do the following:

  • Identify patients;
  • Reimburse policy holders; and
  • Pay benefits to beneficiaries.

However, New York Social Security disability lawyers advise that you are not legally required to provide your SSN to insurance companies and medical providers. In fact, some companies have asked insurers to stop using SSNs to identify employees so as to protect against identity theft. However, if you do not provide your number, some companies and providers may refuse to provide you with service.

Do You Not Have A SSN?

New York Social Security disability attorneys can help you through the process, which can be complicated and unique from case to case. You need to submit Form SS-5 to the Social Security Adminstration. You will need to verify your identity, your age and your U.S. Citizenship with original documentation. If you are trying to get a SSN for your child, you need to provide this information for both you and your child.

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