The following blog explains some of the things your New York Social Security disability law firm attorney can and cannot do on your behalf.

Can: Present A Powerful Case

After presenting your case with all of the persuasive powers at his or her command and supporting it with solid medical evidence, your New York Social Security disability lawyer may choose to submit the final statements orally in front of the judge or in the form of a written document after the hearing has ended. If the case is sufficiently compelling it may be enough, coupled with your statements, to eliminate the need for a closing argument entirely.

Cannot: Expedite The Judge’s Decision

Not even the most experienced New York Social Security disability lawyer can hurry the judge’s decision. Unless the decision is given at the hearing, the normal elapsed time between hearing and written notification ranges from one to two months at minimum. If you have the good fortune to receive the decision at the hearing, you and your lawyer will receive a hard copy in about seven business days, but this depends entirely on the judge.

Can: Follow Up

Although there is nothing your attorney can do to expedite the decision, he or she can check on the status of your file to ensure that it was not mislaid. Sadly, that is all that can be done. Since no further action can be taken, you must reconcile yourself to the wait as calmly as you can.

Your Case Matters To Us

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