A New York Social Security Disability Lawyer Outlines Procedures At Your Hearing

A New York Social Security disability lawyer discusses the procedures normally followed at a Social Security disability hearing in the paragraphs below.

General Outline
There is little specificity to be found in the Social Security regulations. The provisions consist of the following general description: “[a]t the hearing, the administrative law judge looks fully into the issues, questions [the claimant] and the other witnesses, and accepts as evidence any documents that are material to the issues.”

Role Of The ALJ
The regulations provide that the Administrative Law Judge “may receive evidence at the hearing even though the evidence would not be admissible in court under the rules of evidence used by the court.” Both your New York Social Security disability attorney and the opposing counsel will have the opportunity to examine all witnesses, who will each be duly sworn in.

Similarities And Differences
No two ALJs preside over a hearing in precisely the same manner. Personal styles and preferences often vary considerably with regard to opening and closing arguments, questioning of witnesses and claimants and the presence of witnesses in the waiting room as opposed to the hearing room. There may also be considerable variation in how an ALJ presides over a case presented by the claimant alone versus a claimant with a New York Social Security disability attorney’s representation.

In the essentials, hearings usually follow fairly similar proceedings throughout the nation according to the provisions and guidelines set down in HALLEX, the manual for the Social Security Administration, to which all ALJs ultimately refer.

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