Handshake - New York Social Security Disability Claim

1. We have over 50 years of combined practice experience in navigating through the maze of Social Security rules and regulations. We are known and respected by the staff and decision-makers at all levels within the Social Security Administration. We are successful in over 90% of all New York Social Security Disability claims we handle, often winning without the need for a hearing.

2. We will fill out the detailed application forms, so you avoid common mistakes that lead to claims being denied.

3. We will file your claim electronically, so the Social Security Administration will receive it and start processing it the same day. Paper claims take longer for the Social Security Administration to process, but your electronically filed claim will move through the system more quickly.

4. We will explain the complex filing and hearing processes. We will answer all of your questions with patience, care, and thoroughness. You will always be welcome to call or email us with your questions, and we will always respond to your questions promptly.

5. We will aggressively follow up on your claim, making certain that it is processed as quickly as possible.

6. We will make sure that your medical record is complete and accurate. We will contact your treating physicians to collect all the relevant medical records for your claim. We will obtain detailed statements and other documentation from your physicians that best represents your medical condition. We know what specific criteria are necessary for a successful disability claim, and we will make sure that all of the relevant, necessary records are included in your claim.

7. We will increase your chances of successfully winning your Disability claim without having to go to a hearing. Nationwide, about 65% of all claims are denied at the initial claim level, but at Hermann Law Group, we are successful in 60% of the initial applications that we file. We will present all of the strongest relevant information to your claim from the very beginning, so that immediate award is much more likely.

8. We will file all necessary appeals and will appear with you if a hearing is necessary, increasing your chance of a favorable decision at this stage. Claimants who are represented at a hearing are far more likely to be awarded benefits than those who appear without an attorney. Some firms will send non-attorney advocates to represent their clients throughout their claims, and even at their hearings, but we guarantee you attorney representation from application to award.

9. We will thoroughly cross-examine vocational and medical witnesses at your hearing.

10. We will continue to be available to you even after a favorable decision is made, to ensure that your benefits are maintained for as long as you require them, and to answer any questions that you might have.

11. We will always treat you with respect and compassion, and you will always be able to turn to us for help or advice.

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