Accessing Your Social Security Benefits Statement Online

March 25,2014
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After a one year cost savings experiment during which the Social Security Administration did not send out Statements of Estimated Benefits to all wage-earners, the Administration has rolled out a terrific new on-line tool that can be used to access your benefits statement. Just go to and, along the left side of the website, you will see a link to “Get your Social Security Statement online“. After providing necessary personal information, you will be asked several challenge questions that only you should know. You will then be invited to set up a user name, password and recovery questions. After that point, you will be able to access your earnings record and benefits estimate.
Please note that while anyone can set up an account, not everyone will be able to access the familiar earnings statement form, which is only available to people who have not initiated claims for benefits from the Social Security Administration (including Disability and Retirement claims).
It is my understanding that SSA has also started sending benefits estimates to wage-earners by mail (though that usually comes a few months before every birthday, so it’s great to have the online option available for most of the year).
Gabriel Hermann, Esq.