Continuing Disability Reviews

June 21,2011
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Once you begin receiving benefits, Social Security has a right to review your case on a regular basis, usually no sooner than three years. Younger workers and psychiatric claims are more likely to get reviewed, and in a hearing decision the Judge can suggest a shorter review period if he or she expects you to have medical improvement in less time.

If you are still under active medical treatment these “Continuing Disability Reviews” (CDRs) are not usually a cause for concern unless your condition has improved dramatically. However, returning to work, even on a part time basis, may trigger a CDR

We always ask our clients to contact us if they receive notice that their entitlement to benefits is being reviewed. This way, we can make sure that Social Security receives all the information they need in order to maintain our clients’ benefits.

If Social Security decides that you are no longer disabled you may ultimately return for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. However, most CDR’s are resolved in favor of the claimant, and benefits are continued without a hearing becomes necessary.

Disability applicants can benefit from the expert guidance of an experienced Social Security disability attorney. Hermann Law Group will carefully analyze your case, and subsequently, provide straightforward and compassionate advice. Call today for a free consultation and case evaluation.