Working with disability lawyers in New York may help strengthen your disability case. Your physician’s opinion is also essential as the Social Security Administration often gives it controlling weight. Your claim may be limited by symptoms that are difficult to quantify. Some symptoms cannot be measured through objective diagnostic techniques. In such cases, a Social Security Administration physician may be asked to give his or her opinion about the nature of your condition. This opinion is intended to help the SSA determine what you can still be reasonably expected to do, from daily tasks to workplace functions. This opinion will also be used to determine if your symptoms are reasonably attributed to your diagnosis and whether they are consistent with standard medical findings.

Claim Limitations

The SSA does not use “average man” testing to determine whether your claimed limitations are reasonable. Instead, the SSA acknowledges that some symptoms are more limiting to certain people than they are to others. The SSA also recognizes that you may be fully capable of sustaining medium work activity with a back disorder, while another person with the same disorder is not. Some people have higher tolerance for pain than others, and some have a lower ability to cope with impairment. These crucial differences are considered when determining your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.

Contact Disability Lawyers in New York

If you are filing for Social Security disability benefits, consider contacting Hermann Law Group, PLLC today at (914) 286-3030. A disability lawyer may be able to help you learn more about what the SSA will be considering when examining your claim. While each case is considered individually, disability lawyers in New York may still be able to help you when it comes to determining how your claim compares to others.