Did You Suffer an Injury or Illness During Military Service?

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If you were injured or became ill during military service, with the guidance of Hermann Law Group, PLLC’s knowledgeable NY private disability lawyers, you may be able to collect veterans’ disability compensation.

You must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for veterans’ disability compensation, including establishing that the injury or illness is connected to your military service.

What do You Need to do to Establish Service Connection?

There are generally five ways to establish a connection between your service and your injury or illness. However, determining how these methods of service connection could affect your claim, and making sure the VA properly considered all applicable methods of service connection, are complicated issues that our skilled New York disability lawyers can handle for you.

The first type of connection is the direct service connection, or in other words, there is a clear connection between your disability and your service. For example, you participated in a training program, suffered a complex fracture of your leg during that training, and now have a permanent limp and limited mobility in that leg.

Another type of connection could stem from an injury or condition that you had before joining the military that is aggravated (made worse) by your military service. This sort of connection will be entirely dependent on your specific situation.

Another type of connection is based on something called “legal presumption”. Your condition or disease could be automatically attributed to your military service. There are lists of these conditions and the facts you must show to fall under the presumption that there is a connection.

A rather complicated type of connection is the secondary service connection. All of your injuries or illnesses may not fall under the direct service connection described above, but they may be caused by that direct service connection injury or illness. These secondary injuries or illnesses are not directly related to your military service, but because they would not have occurred but for the first disability (which was caused by military service), you may be entitled to compensation.

Finally, if you were injured or contracted an illness because of VA hospitalization, treatment, rehab or therapy, that injury or illness will be treated as a service connection.

Submitting a claim to the Veterans Administration can be an extremely complicated morass of paperwork and medical documentation. A misstep during any stage of this process could result in you missing out on the collection of veterans’ disability compensation.

We can also help you find out if a prior VA Ratings Decision was made in error.

Get Help from Top NY Private Disability Lawyers

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