Possible Theft of Social Security Numbers Causes Distress

January 27,2015
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Today, about a dozen of my clients faxed me a copy of a notice from the Social Security Administration reporting that an employee of the New York Office of Disability and Temporary Assistance (the state agency that contracts with the Social Security Administration to make initial disability determinations) had access to and might have stolen names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. This is a huge deal considering the priority that SSA places on claimants’ confidentiality.

While I think it’s unfortunate that this has happened, particularly to my clients who have enough to worry about without now needing to monitor their credit reports for identity theft, the reality is that this is happening more and more. I hope that SSA doesn’t feel that offering 1 free year of credit monitoring is the only fix necessary and that the decision makers put a lot of thought into how best to protect the citizenry’s personal information.
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Gabe Hermann