Post-traumatic stress disorder affects many veterans, but it sometimes goes unrecognized and untreated. If you have been experiencing certain mental symptoms, don’t discount the fact that they may be caused by PTSD. It is important to understand what the disorder is, the symptoms, and how it can be treated.


The disorder is common amongst veterans, according to the National center for PTSD. The anxiety disorder is the result of a traumatic event. This can include witnessing something horrific or feeling the fear of imminent death. Many military personal and veterans that experience live combat are vulnerable.


It’s unclear why PTSD develops. Some individuals who go through traumatic experiences will not end up with the disorder, while others will.


The effects of PTSD may be devastating. Your Atlanta veteran’s affairs lawyer will likely ask you to seek professional treatment if you are experiencing symptoms. This can include:


  • Re-experiencing the event. You may have flashbacks. You may also feel the same feeling of panic and fear that you felt during the traumatic incident. You may also experience terrifying nightmares. This symptom can surface at any time. However, sometimes they are caused by a certain sensory trigger. This can include the sound of a gunshot, or seeing something on the news.
  • Hyperarousal: You might always feel like you are on edge. You may constantly feel jittery and unable to settle down. It can cause insomnia, irritability, and difficulty in concentrating.
  • Pulling away from others:  Your family and loved ones may want to be there for you, but you may decide to recoil from their support. You might end up steering clear of loving relationships you fostered even before you went into combat. You may not want to talk about events you experienced, and may find yourself trying to avoid anything that may remind you of your experiences.


Treatment can help you if you have PTSD. Certain therapies and medications have proved effective in easing the symptoms of the disorder. It may help you cope, and eventually get over the disorder. Talk therapy may also be useful, though treatments will vary depending on a case-by-case basis according to the National Institute of Mental Health.


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