Railroad Disability Attorney Discusses Your Railroad Benefits

October 08,2013
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The railroad industry is one of the most dangerous work environments in the United States. Our railroad disability attorney have helped many injured rail employees seek the benefits they are entitled to. Rail workers face many dangers that can cause debilitating injuries. Rail cars and their cargo are large, heavy items that can cause severe injury, dismemberment and death. Whether you suffered a crushing injury, chemical exposure, a fall or other more common trauma such as a back injury, we can help.

If you are injured and considering filing a claim, it is important to realize that railroad employees are subject to a different set of rules and procedures when compared to most other workers. Most injured employees simply file a claim with the Social Security Administration whereas employees who work in the rail industry must file their claim with the Railroad Retirement Board. Because of the peculiar nature of the rail industry, this separate Board was created to handle claims for benefits when rail workers are injured and no longer able to work.

What If My Claim Was Already Denied?

Many railroad disability claims are denied. If that happens, you need to be prepared to file an appeal within a short window of time. We can help you file an initial claim for benefits and, if necessary, submit an appeal on your behalf. Few law offices have the skill to take on complex railroad benefits claims, but our team is prepared to deal with the Railroad Retirement Board’s complex rules and procedures. Our railroad disability attorney is happy to provide a case evaluation.

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