Our Social Security New Rochelle Lawyer Discusses Meeting and Equaling Listings

December 24,2013
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Meeting and Equaling Listings

Many claimants have questions for their Social Security New Rochelle lawyer about how to win disability claims. A Social Security disability lawyer can explain that the two ways to win a claim are to either meet or equal a listing under the official Listing of Impairments recognized by the Social Security Administration.

Meeting a Listing

The Social Security Administration contains a very detailed set of impairments and their severity. Each individual listing includes specific medical criteria that specifies the severity the condition must be in order for a person to be considered unable to work, as well as certain durational requirements. Meeting a listing denotes that a claimant has the same severity and duration of an impairment as that which is included in the Listing of Impairments. If a claimant’s conditions meets a listing, the individual will be considered disabled at this step in the sequential process and the analysis will go no further.

Equaling a Listing

If a claimant does not actually meet a listing, he or she can still be approved for disability benefits at this stage of the sequential process if he or she equals a listing. To equal a listing, a claimant must have an impairment that is just as severe as on of the conditions that is specifically listed and described in the official Listing of Impairments. There are a number of ways that a claimant can equal a listing, including:

  • The claimant’s conditions or symptoms are not specifically mentioned in the listing and the claimant’s impairment does not match every required medical condition or symptoms in the listing.
  • The claimant has all of the required medical conditions and symptoms, but they are not severe enough according to the listing. However, the claimant also has additional conditions or symptoms not present in the listing.
  • Although a claimant’s impairment is not in the listings, he or she has an impairment that is just as severe as a similar impairment.
  • The combination of impairments that do not meet the listings on their own are as severe as those in the listing when considered in the aggregate.

Not Meeting or Equaling a Listing

A Social Security New Rochelle lawyer can explain that if a claimant does not meet or equal a listing, he or she may still be approved for benefits. However, this will require a continuation of the claim under the sequential evaluation process.

Legal Assistance from a Social Security New Rochelle

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