How Long Will the Process Take?

December 10,2013
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Social Security Disability Claim Timeframe

If you are applying for Social Security New Rochelle NY disability benefits, you’re probably wondering how long the process will take. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, does not have time limits in place under most circumstances, so the answer varies significantly depending on a variety of factors. As anxious as you may be for your case to be approved, this is typically a situation where you just have to be patient. Certain factors influence the amount of time it takes for a case to be approved, however. By understanding these factors, you can at least get a feel for how long it will take, whether it’s around a month or as long as two years.


A few factors that influence how long it takes for an SSI disability case to be processed include:

  • Claims Examiner’s Caseload – The busier an SSA claims examiner is, the longer the process is likely to take. Some examiners deal with around 100 cases at a time, which is fairly easy to manage. Yours is likelier to be handled quickly in this situation. However, other examiners juggle as many as 300 cases at once. In that case, your claim could linger for some time.
  • Health Care Providers’ Efficiency – For your case to be processed, you must provide medical records to back up your disability claims. Oftentimes, obtaining these records is a long, involved process. Examiners typically request them immediately. The problem is that doctors and hospitals often drag their feet. Luckily, the SSA is now working with many major HMOs to allow such records to be transmitted electronically, which would significantly reduce the amount of time that’s typically needed to process these cases.
  • The Seriousness of the Impairment – Certain impairments are so severe that they almost automatically make a claimant eligible for SSI disability benefits. These include AIDS, advanced cancer, ALS, double amputation and blindness.

Tips for Expediting an SSI Disability Claim

To help expedite your Social Security New Rochelle NY case, try the following:

  • Provide complete, thorough information in your application. Clearly outline all of the sources of your medical treatment, including doctors’ names, clinic addresses and dates. One thing that holds claims processing up is missing or incomplete information on an application. If the person processing your case has to contact you repeatedly, everything gets pushed back further.
  • Include your medical records with your application. In other words, don’t wait for the disability examiner to request them. Go out and get the records yourself. This isn’t always easy. Some doctors are reluctant to accommodate patients in this way. Many hospitals charge exorbitant fees to have medical record copies made. However, many states have laws that forbid health care providers from charging for medical records if they are needed to process a disability claim, so be sure to check the laws in your area. You may not have to pay a dime for your records. By including your records with your application, you may be able to shave several months off the processing time. It involves a little more legwork from you, but it could also mean being approved for SSI disability a lot sooner.
  • Look into the SSA’s fast-track programs. The agency will expedite disability claims that involve a serious illness listed on the compassionate allowance list. They also expedite cases involving terminal illness and cases involving an illness that qualifies the claimant for presumptive disability benefits.

Hire an Attorney for Assistance with Social Security New Rochelle NY Claims

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