5 Types of Social Security Disability Benefits Explained by a New Jersey Social Security Disability Attorney

March 06,2012
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Many individuals exploring Social Security Disability benefits may not be aware that there are more than one type of disability benefit available. In fact, a New Jersey Social Security disability attorney can explain to you that you may be eligible for one of five types of Social Security Disability benefits:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance. To qualify for SSDI, you generally have to prove that you suffer from a qualifying disability and that the disability will last for at least 12 months. You will also have to show a work history where you earned enough work credits to qualify for the benefit. To learn more about your eligibility for this benefit, you will want to talk to a New Jersey Social Security disability lawyer;
  • Supplemental Security Income. Individuals who do not qualify for SSDI may still qualify for SSI benefits. This benefit is available to low-income individuals whose household income and assets are below a certain amount. To qualify for SSI, you do not need to have earned a certain amount of work credits. However, the amount of benefits available through SSI may be less than SSDI;
  • Widows’ Benefits. A widow or widower who is over the age of 50 and who becomes disabled within a certain period of time after the death of a spouse may be eligible for this benefit. To qualify, the spouse of the widower must have earned enough work credits and have been insured by the SSA;
  • Disabled Child Benefits. Someone who suffers a disability as a child may be entitled to benefits if his or her parents earned enough work credits; and
  • Children of Disabled Workers. Minor children of an individual who receives Social Security Disability benefits may also be eligible for benefits. The amount that the child may collect will depend upon how much the parent earned.

To learn more about any of these benefits, you will want to contact a New Jersey Social Security disability lawyer.

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