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How a Disability Attorney in NJ Can Help With Your Disability Claim If you have applied or are considering applying for disability, our disability lawyers in NJ may be able to help you obtain benefits by working with your treating doctor. When someone attempts to earn disability benefits, the Social Security Administration often asks the [...]

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Claiming Social Security Spousal Benefits


Filing for Social Security Benefits of a Deceased Spouse Filing for Social Security in New Rochelle is the same process as anywhere else in the United States, but having a local attorney representing your case is always a good idea for obtaining the best results. Claiming survivor benefits associated with an untimely death is not [...]

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Types of Disability Benefits


New York Social Security Disability Lawyers: Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is Social Security Disability? A. Social Security Disability, also called SSD, SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or DIB (Disability Insurance Benefits), is a benefit received by disabled workers and/or their dependents from the Social Security Administration. Just as you may begin collecting "regular" Social [...]

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What Qualifies as a Disability?


What Conditions Qualify for SSD and SSI? Each year, the federal government issues a release in which they describe the various conditions that would qualify an applicant for SSD or SSI. This is known as the Blue Book. None of what is mentioned there is entirely useful, though. That's because those with the conditions mentioned [...]

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How Your Doctor’€™s Opinion Can Help Your Social Security Claim


An opinion from your doctor can help your claim for Social Security disability benefits or SSI.  Social Security decision makers place significant weight on a treating doctor’s opinion about a claimant’s ability to work.  But getting a proper opinion from your doctor is not always easy.  Why?  Because doctors are very busy people and not [...]

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Disability Lawyers in New York Discuss Claim Comparisons


Working with disability lawyers in New York may help strengthen your disability case. Your physician's opinion is also essential as the Social Security Administration often gives it controlling weight. Your claim may be limited by symptoms that are difficult to quantify. Some symptoms cannot be measured through objective diagnostic techniques. In such cases, a Social [...]

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Social Security Disability Success Stories | SSDI Attorney


Laura was 46 years old and living in Rockland County when she applied for SS Disability benefits in 2009 due to Crohn’s disease that caused her to need continual access to a bathroom. She had not worked since December 2007 but her case was denied at a hearing in July 2010. We appealed and we [...]

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Pre Application Workers Compensation/Public Disability Questionnaire SSA-546 Print and fill out by hand (67 kb) SSA-546 Fill out online, then print (159 kb) Disability Report-Adult SSA-3368 Print and fill out by hand (125 kb) SSA-3368 Fill out online, then print (426 kb) Work History Report SSA-3369 Print and fill out by hand (80 kb) SSA-3369 [...]


The Hermann Law Group Disability Information Kit


  Social Security Disability Claims: Avoiding Mistakes the Other Guys Make From Application to Award: The Social Security Disability Procedure at a Glance Saving on Prescription Drugs and Healthcare Social Security Programs at a Glance The Confusing Social Security Timeline: Seven Important Time Periods Relating to Your Disability Claim 7 Things You Need to Know [...]

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