The Approval

June 14,2011
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Approval After a case is approved at any level, it is transferred to a Social Security Payment Center, where calculations are made of your retroactive benefits and any auxiliary benefits for your spouse or minor children. Your retroactive payment is usually made approximately 60 days after a favorable decision, and you should receive your explanatory letter (referred to as an “Award Certificate” or “Award Notice”) within two weeks after the payment is made.

At Hermann Law Group, we review the Award Letters thoroughly in order to insure that the Social Security Administration’s calculation of benefits you have received and will receive are accurate. This is an important part of our job, since these notices often contain mistakes, especially when there are Workers’ Compensation claims that may offset your Disability award.

The Social Security Administration prefers that you maintain a bank account for purposes of direct deposits. Initial payments made directly into your bank account are usually 2-3 weeks faster than checks sent by mail. We can help you find a qualified bank or savings account for this purpose.

Make sure that you keep records of all of your communications with Social Security, including the dates and names of people to whom you have spoken. If corresponding by mail, be sure that you send all information via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. This is the best way to prove your compliance with any instructions or rules.

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