Veterans' Disability Compensation

September 01,2015
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On this Veterans’ Day, we all honor those who have bravely served in the armed forces in both their accomplishments and their sacrifices. Unfortunately, sometimes those sacrifices include debilitating medical conditions for which the veteran may be entitled to VA Disability Compensation. This is a benefit paid to a veteran based upon injuries or diseases incurred while on active duty and includes exacerbations of pre-existing conditions while on active duty. So long as the veteran has been discharged under non-dishonorable conditions, he or she may apply for these benefits.

The amount paid is based upon the degree of disability represented by a percentage of service-connected disability. Additional amounts can be paid for especially severe disabilities such as the loss of a limb, and may even be paid to family members. The application process may be commenced by filing a VA Form 21-526 and by presenting discharge papers, dependency records, and medical evidence.

As with Social Security Disability benefits and Long Term Disability benefits, medical documentation is especially important to establishing the degree of disability as well as the degree to which an exacerbation of a pre-existing condition may be service-connected. As such, good medical documentation is one of the most important evidence that can be presented to maximize the veteran’s potential benefits amount.

Brian Anson