How Doctors and Disability Attorneys in New York Present Medical Evidence

August 06,2013
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If you’re working with a Social Security disability lawyer in NYC, you may already know that a doctor’s opinion is an essential part of your application or appeal. Unfortunately, medical records don’t give decision-makers an accurate picture of your work capacity, especially if your condition is not included in the official Listing of Impairments. In 66 Fed. Reg. 58,017 (2001), the Social Security Administration even admits that empirical medical evidence, such as X-rays, cannot measure a patient’s disability.

How Doctors Assess a Patient’s Condition and Work Capacity

Usually, your doctor will assess your disability by discussing your medical condition with you. A doctor’s opinion should include a combination of professional judgment and the patient’s input. This approach allows medical professionals to develop an opinion based on medical science and how specific impairments affect different individuals.

Professional Judgment and Patient Input

Professionally, doctors cannot simply corroborate everything that you say. Doctors must determine which symptoms are directly related to your disability. For example, your doctor might find that certain complaints cannot be attributed to a specific cause with absolute certainty. Your doctor may also downplay complaints that contradict your medical history. To be accepted, medical opinions must be realistic and consistent with known evidence and research. For example, if you have joint dysfunction, your doctor might include research showing that lumbar range of motion has no correlation with disability.

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